How to make these roadtrip ruining problems a things from the past...

Everyone who owns or has owned a classic car for some time will be familiar with following series of events. 

couple clasic car
Expecting this
You checked the weather reports for a whole week to see whether it will be nice weather at the weekend. The outlook is sunny. Saturday morning has finally arrived after a whole week of looking forwards to this trip. Your spouse has made herself pretty and everyone is stocked about going out. You all take place in the car, turn the ignition and with a big grin on your face and look of confidence to your spouse. Click, click, click,... The grin rapidly fading away as the bright smile on your spouse's face, you quickly pop the hood to check what is wrong. Your hands are new getting dirty, that nice new shirt she bought is getting grease stains all over and the mood quickly disintegrating.

car breakdown
Ending up here

Of course, classic cars do get problems and ignition problems are one of the big six. So don't get caught for your next road trip and follow our advice.

Before a road trip:
1. Check your battery: at Anglo Parts we have a whole range of OptiMate battery savers so getting one is definitely money well invested. 

2. Pop up the bonnet and give everything a visual inspection: uncover obvious things like disconnected or broken wires and have them fixed or replaced.

3. Make sure your small and major maintenance is done regularly and EVERYTHING, we cannot stress this enough, serviceable was replaced. Like when you're doing maintenance to your car change the contact set. People often don't understand the complexity of a vintage ignition system and with all these mechanical parts going on high speeds they are prone to failure. So don't skimp on these necessary parts of your car. We do have service kits for your car available with all the necessary things to make sure your classic car keeps running.

CSI brings modern reliability to the vintage charm! 

But, why rely on a system that was not even that to be trusted on in the first place. You know, of course, they don't make cars nowadays like they used to... But vintage cars often did strand up next to the road too. Cars nowadays lack the charm of our vintage ones but they do are to be trusted more to bring us at our destination. So why not have the best of both worlds? At Anglo Parts, we supply the CSI or Classic Sports Ignitions. They are modern electronic ignitions build in a vintage Lucas distributor housing. Visually there is almost no difference when you pop up the bonnet. Also, they is no more maintenance because; the contact points, the mechanical advance and vacuum mechanism have all been replaced by modern electronics.  The Classic Sport Ignition can also be very easily adjusted. There is no need to disassemble the distributor. All you have to do is open the distributor cap and with a small  screwdriver, you can choose one of the sixteen curves. Since additives have drastically changed the characteristics in  modern petrol, it often doesn’t correspond with the factory settings of your car causing misfires with the old mechanical system. These 16 selectable pre-programmed advance curves to choose from ensure your car has the correct ignition timing no matter how many revs the engine is running at. 

Jaguar XK120

The Classic Sport Ignition has also proven i's reliability in the classic race and rally sport and has extensively been tested in Monte-Carlo Rally Historic, Wintertrail, Tulpenrally, Carrera  Copacabana and Amsterdam-Beijing amongst others.

So unless you are a hobby mechanic who likes to spend hours on your mechanic ignition in your garage, opt for a CSI instead, do your checks and maintenances regularly and spend hours of driving through beautiful scenery with your passengers.

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