Discover the 6 big categories that are likely to ruin your classic car trip and how to solve them

Anyone who ever had a car break down knows that this sequence of events is startlingly accurate. The vehicle, that had moments before been moving, comes to a halt. You start swearing. You hate the car, your passenger (often your spouse) now isn't too crazy about you too... It is a dire situation for everyone involved!

etype jaguar failure
Driving an E-type is a way better experience than pushing it...
While literally, anything can happen to a car, particularly a classic car, that causes it to transition from moving down the road to coming down a stop under a neverending stream of insults hurled towards it, most of the times the things that break fall into one of these big six categories.

(the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, heater core, and fan)

(housing, cap, rotor, points and condenser, the coil, spark plugs, plug wires, and battery.

- The fuel delivery system -
(gas tank, fuel lines, fuel pumps, filters, carburetor or fuel injection system)

- The electrical system -
(Battery, battery cables, alternator, voltage regulator)

- The belts -
(These belts run the water pump, alternator, power steering,...)

- The ball joints -
(Connects the suspension to the steering)

There is also one last category (the seventh) but it is so prone to failure we carry an extra reserve one with us, eg. the tyres. Our car comes standard with a spare tyre or reparation kit. We're also smart enough not to be driving on 40 - 50-year-old, dry-rotted or bald tyres.  Yet, when it comes to other vintage systems in our car we simply expect them to work and get angry when one of them suddenly stops working. For all those who are familiar with our stories of the road section, written by Steve Tom, in our seasonal catalogs know of all the horrors that lurk within our classic car. You can read more about them in our latest catalog available for download.

Of course there a lot more systems in your classic car which can fail, but often they cause only annoyance and are not a showstopper like the categories described above are able to do. A hole in your exhaust will get you unwanted attention from bystanders and perhaps law-enforcement but it will not cause you to call your tow service.
car checklist
The main message we want to give is prior to a road trip or rally, always check these main categories: cooling system, ignition system, fuel delivery, electrical, belts and ball joints. When you do find any problems, address them and fix or have them fixed. Learn about your car, take care of it... it may save your car, your marriage, and your sanity...

young couple classic car breakdown

In the coming weeks, we will discuss in detail about these categories and how to address problems. Anglo Parts also has a range of items to upgrade your classic car removing a lot of classic car issues like the Revotec cooling upgrade, CSI Electric ignition, Optimate battery savers, Classic Driving Development high-quality suspension upgrade parts.

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