Ethanol corrosion is a relatively new problem…

And how these products saved money and my classic car.

Even if you have always been using normal petrol without additions, you will be in for a surprise soon. For every European country is obliged, from now on, to use 10% renewable sources for its petrol for vehicles on the road. This means Euro95 will be replaced by the ‘cleaner’ variant E10. This is petrol with 10% ethanol, made from beetroot for example. Whilst this is good for the environment, it might be a hazard for your classic car.

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How large is the problem?
Pretty large actually, classic cars, some sports cars and certain motorcycles and boats cannot cope well with E10. Your classic car might get problems as a sputtering engine and disintegrated rubbers. Ethanol is highly flammable but it can dissolve in the fuel tank, attract moist and be the cause of rust or blockages. Or, especially in classic cars, combust too soon and cause damage to your engine. The Dutch classic car federation Fehac even recommends never to use this fuel.

Is there a solution against this problem?
Yes, the solution for this new problem is VSPe Power Plus or EPS Ethanol Protection from Millers oils or Classic Valvemaster Plus. Both VSPe & Valvemaster plus are an all-in-one petrol treatment providing ethanol protection, lead replacement and an octane improver. Whilst EPS Ethanol Protection is designed to prevent ethanol corrosion. You simply add 10ml to 10litres of E10 petrol and all negative effects of E10 petrol are negated. Valvemaster Plus is even tested and endorsed by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs and thus proudly wears their label.

Independent research shows phosphorous offers the best engine engine protection, and Valvemaster ensures consistent performance for engines originally designed to run on leaded fuel. You can read more about the tests of this product here. Millers VSPE Power Plus also received an A-rating from them.

All-in-one solutions

Valvemaster additivemillers vspe power plus additive

Ethanol protection

Ethanol protection additive

Which one to choose?
From our experts and our customers experience it all depends on your personal taste. One group of swears by VSPe Power Plus, the other group by Valvemaster Plus. One thing is sure, you definitely should not drive without these petrol additives to avoid damage to your engine. If you don't want the lead replacement and octane improver the EPS Ethanol protection offers great bang for your buck. These additives are a very cost efficient way to keep your engine clean and prevent ethanol related damage to your engine.

We offer these products in our shop: 

Classic Valvemaster Plus 250ml 

- Millers VSPE Power Plus 250ml

- Millers VSPE Power Plus 500ml

- Millers EPS Ethanol Protection 250ml

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