How to easily solve 1 of the 6 major problems that are likely to ruin your classic car trip

The cooling system is one of the big six that are likely to strand a classic car. On a classic car with a water-cooled engine, the cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, fan, belt, and heater core. Newer classic cars may even have an electric fan, driven by a relay and temperature sensor.

radiator car
You have no idea what is lurking within an old radiator

Warning: is your car running hot?  It is crucially important that you never drive a car, classic or otherwise with the temperature gauge in the red. If you find the needle up high in the red, wherever it happens, unless your life is in immediate danger, stop and do not drive the car! The costs of the tow and inconvenience will pale compared to the replacement of a cracked cylinder head.

Checklist for a hot running car!

When running hot, verify that the belt that drives the water pump hasn't snapped or jumped its pulley. If there is no problem in that department then check for cooling leaking from a burst hose, a failed water pump seal or the heater core. If the hose coming from the bottom of the radiator is stone-cold it means the thermostat isn't opening. A thermostat replacement is fairly easy and inexpensive. Another reason for running hot is also an incorrect adjustment of carburetors so that's also something you might want to look at if your classic car does have a carburetor.

termperaturegauge classic car
Ideally the needle of your temperature gauge sits somewhere in the middle

But it's no big secret that most hot running problems on classic cars originate from the fact that classic cars didn't have great cooling systems to start with when they were new. Since then, their performance has only degraded for example due to corrosion inside the radiator making it less able to shed the heat and not to forget traffic nowadays being much denser then it used to be. If a drive during hot weather, up a big hill or traffic jam causes the temperature to rise dramatically it might be a good idea to replace the radiator, even if it looks good. But there is also another easy inexpensive way to drastically improve your engine cooling and prolong the life of your engine.

Modern cooling in a vintage jacket?

Even with a new radiator, your classic car's cooling might not be enough for nowadays traffic. That is why we at Anglo Parts recommend installing one of our Revotec cooling kits. These cooling kits have the latest fan controller technology used together with specific brackets for your classic car which allows for easy installation without making permanent changes to your car.

These cooling kits feature 3 major elements: the electric fan controller, a COMEX electric fan and special engineered brackets for your type of car.

Revotec cooling kit for mga
Revotec cooling kit for MGA

The modern, lightweight COMEX fan delivers high performance with a very long life span making them an ideal choice for your engine bay. Included are the engineered brackets which are vehicle type-specific.  This means, easy installation, guaranteed fit and no permanent modifications required to your classic car. So overcoming all mechanical fan shortcomings, upgrading to an electric fan increases fuel economy, reduces engine warm-up time and ensures engine cooling + protection in modern traffic conditions.

We, at Anglo Parts, cannot think of a single reason not to install these cooling kits into your classic car. Offering modern cooling to your classic car and protecting your engine is always a very good idea and the easy installation ensures anyone can actually do this job themselves or have it done for them in no time.  We have these cooling systems for various British cars and types including MG, Jaguar, Triumph, Morris minor, Land Rover, Mini...

You can find a list of supported cars below for our Revotec cooling kits:

- Austin Healey 3000 - 185.887 ( Neg earth) - 285.887 (Pos earth)
- Austin Healey 100/4 - 185.888 (Neg earth) - 285.888 (Pos earth)
- Austin Healey Sprite '58 - '68 & MG Midget '61 - '68 - 185.889 (Neg earth) - 285.889 (Pos earth)
- Austin Healey Sprite & MG Midget X-flow '69 - '74 - 185.890 (Neg earth)
- MG Midget 1500 '74 - '79 - 185.891 (Neg earth)
- Jaguar E-Type Series 1 - 185.892 (Neg earth) - 285.892 (Pos earth)
- Jaguar E-type Series 2 - 185.893 (Neg earth)
- Jaguar E-type Series 3 -V12 - 185.894 (Neg earth)
- Jaguar MKII - 185.895 (Neg earth) - 285.895 (Pos earth)
- MG MGA - 185.896 (Neg earth) - 285.896  (Post earth)
- MG MGB '62 - '70 - 185.897 (Neg earth) - 285.897 (Pos earth)
- MG MGB '70 - '75 - 185.898 (Neg earth) - 285.898 (Pos earth)
- MG MGB '76-on - 185.899 (Neg earth)
- Morris Minor - 185.900 (Neg earth) - 285.900 (Pos earth)
- Mini '59 - '97 - 185.901 (Neg earth) - 285.901 (Pos earth)
- Triumph TR2 TR3 TR4 - 185.902 (Neg earth) - 285.902 (Pos earth)
- Triumph TR4A - 185.903 (Neg earth)
- Triumph TR5 TR6 - 185.904 (Neg earth)
- Triumph Spitfire - 185.905 (Neg earth) - 285.905 (Pos earth)
- Triumph GT6 - 185.906 (Neg earth) - 285.906 (Pos earth)

Your classic car not listed? We also have a range of fans and controllers which can be bought separately. you can find the complete list of fans on our site fan list or controllers at controller list.

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